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Welcome to TEST, Inc.

Total Environmental Service Technologies, Incorporated (TEST, Inc.) was founded November 20, 1987 on one simple idea – to provide absolutely the best contractual operation of Water and Wastewater Systems. Starting with only several small plant operations, TEST operations have grown to include over 100 Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities.

Our state of the art State Certified Drinking Water and N.P.D.E.S. Wastewater laboratory analyzes samples for our own Plant Operations, and additionally for Industry, Municipalities, Commercial and Residential Clients.

Water Facts
"Nearly 97% of the world’s water is salty or otherwise undrinkable. Another 2% is locked in ice caps and glaciers. That leaves just 1% for all of humanity’s needs."

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We’ve been servicing the area for over 30 years. Here are just a few reasons to work with us:

Why choose us?

  • Efficiency due to fewer administrative restraints
  • Frees owner of management concerns
  • Known costs and simplified budgeting
  • Professional quality in operations and maintenance

Customer Feedback:

Join our 100 + customer base and find out why they love our work!

“We’ve been working with TEST since the very beginning and their thoroughness and attention to detail coincides with our own commitment to the local community.”
 — Peru, IL

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