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Field Services

TEST is the leader throughout the state in providing field services

Our Field Services include the following:
  • Water, Storm and Wastewater Sample Collection and Pick-Up Services
  • Bailing and Sample Collection of Landfill Groundwater and Leachate Systems
  • 24 Hour Composite Sampler Installation
  • Portable Flow Meter Services
  • Landfill Gas Monitoring
  • In-The-Field-Analyses with Use of Portable Instruments (Dissolved Oxygen Conductivity, pH, Temperature, Etc.)
  • 24 Hour Recording Rain Gauges and Pressure Instruments
  • Industrial Pretreatment Monitoring

Advantages of Using Our Services:

  • Provision of “Certified Operator-in-Charge” (TEST operator is responsible for facility operation and supervises Plant Personnel.)
  • Efficiency due to fewer administrative restraints
  • Frees owner of management concerns
  • Does not upset Plant salary structure
  • Backup expertise and experienced personnel
  • Known costs and simplified budgeting
  • Professional quality in operations and maintenance